A fully lined double rig
with Celtic knot buckle,
shown in black. Shown
with straight
belt,tapered front -
also available in
drop-loop style.
six loops on each side
in front, and 24 loops
in back.
Price as shown 430.00
- available in single-rig
The English Bob
The Mare's Leg
As seen in the popular series Wanted, Dead
or Alive
this rig is in every detail accurate
to the series.  The belt has 24  .45cal. loops,
a hook that supports the upper part of the
modified carbine  and a leather covered
metal band that allows the for end to be
held in place.  Buckle and strap leg tie.
Price as shown 325.00
Marston Gunleather            
Walt Marston                        
106 Wilson Road              
Erwin, TN 37650
phone: 423 743 3580                

The Gunfighter
the worst of the worst...this rig has 1 shot gun
shell pocket in the front of right holster and 2
behind the crossdraw, 24 .45cal loops around the
back of the belt.
Can be purchased with whatever caliber you want.  
Shown in Dark Chestnut, also available in Sunset
Brown, Saddle Tan, or Black.
Price for this double rig is 430.00
Single rig for 325.00
Apache Scout
The Apache Scout, a fully lined single rig,
shown in saddle tan, with boarder tooling  
& decorative southwest concho on holster
band.  High-rise Ranger-style belt, also
available in drop-loop belt.                           
Double rig with cross-draw or side-draw  
with boarder tooling 565.00
Gun For Hire
drop loop (buscadero) belt and a fast draw
A fully lined single rig shown in classic black,
holster, with a sterling silver 'Grim Reaper'
A fully lined single rig shown in classic black,
applied to holster face. Single rig 400.00
and 505.00 for a double rig.  Available in
Black, Dark Chestnut, Saddle Tan, Sunset
GUNBELT  MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS:                                                         
                                     Over your trousers, using a tape measure, measure
where you will wear your gunbelt.  Do NOT rely on the size pants you wear
or what size you
think you are, please be accurate!   We can not be
responsible if the measurement you provide us is incorrect.  Each gunbelt
is custom made and it will be exactly the size you give to the center hole.