The Hunter
The Trooper
The 500 Magnum   
Marston Gunleather              
Walt Marston                          
106 Wilson Road                 
Erwin, TN 37650
phone: 423 743 3580                
The Hunter is a fully lined holster for a  Ruger
Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or a Redhawk.
Shown in Sunset Brown, with a Saddle Tan
reinforced overlay, and snap hold-down strap.
Belt is fully lined and double stitched to withstand
the weight of a large caliber weapon. Will fit any
concealed weapon holster.
Holster 125.00
Belt 75.00
Also available in Chestnut, Saddle Tan or Black
The Trooper has been designed to fit
any N or K frame Smith & Wesson
It is a side-draw, fully lined rig, with
a 2 1/2" belt. The holster shown has a
slight rear cant and is shown with a  
Texas Star holsterband, (which can
be substituted for any other concho).
Holster has a hold down strap.  Belt is
shown with two bullet loops forward
of the holster, six behind, and six on
the buckle-side.
Single rig as shown, in Sunset Brown
Also available in Chestnut, Saddle
Tan, or Black.
This holster, as shown is carrying a
500 magnum, Smith & Wesson
with an 8" barrel, and Texas Star
Holster and belt have been boarder
tooled, and are fully lined, double
stitched.  Holster is available in any
length barrel. Belt shown is 2 1/2"
wide, with 3, 50 cal. loops on buckle
side and 20, 50 cal. loops around the
back. Single rig as shown 375.00 /
or without boarder tooling 325.00.
Shown in Sunset Brown, also
available in Chestnut, Saddle Tan, or
Puller Shoulder Rig
For accurate speed and handling, this rig will not pull up when removing firearm.   Shown being
worn by Allen, a Railroad Engineer and avid large game hunter. The Puller Shoulder rig is available
for any large caliber, any barrel length, Redhawk or Freedom Arms.  275.00
measure, measure where you will wear your gunbelt.  Do
NOT rely on the size pants you wear or what size you THINK
you are, please be accurate;   We can not be responsible if
the measurement you provide us is incorrect.  Each
gunbelt is custom made and it will be exactly the size you
give to the center hole.