Well, Christmas finally arrived today.  I would have written
earlier, but I was having too much fun practicing my draw in
front of the mirror!!!!

Thank you, Walt, for a wonderful product.  It is exactly what I
was looking for.  Pics will be coming soon.  I am off to bed, and
Ginger is insisting that I take  off the rig before getting into
bed.  Damn.

Thanks again,
Got the holster rig today. I've had it on and put my Vaqueros into the
holsters. I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the rig.
The workmanship is outstanding and it fits me like a glove. You've
exceeded my expectations of what I thought I was getting. I know sellers
often hear from customers when a transaction goes bad, but I wanted to be
one customer who let you know when it went real well. Great work all
around. I'll be getting back to you in a couple of months as well to see
about getting some grips with silver inlays. I'll also be sure to pass
along the good word to others that I shoot with.
Thanks again for the great work.
The grips arrived and they are stunning. The birdshead pair went
right on and I will be the envy of all SASS folks at the next match.
Thanks. They are great!
Hi Walt,
I received my new grips today, the stag is beautiful and they fit nicely. I
just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with them. I have some
friends that were really interested in seeing them as well, so maybe I
can send some people your way. Once again, thanks, you do nice work.
N. Boyd
They turned out really nice. I don't even see the seam on one
another kind of material that has the same look.
Howdy Walt,
I've been meanin' to send you an e-mail to let you know that the
grips arrived, safe and sound. Boy are they beautiful!!!! Very
happy with them. Do you make grips for Freedom Arms
revolvers? I've Got a .454 Casull that has the Pachmayrs on it
but I think it needs something a little fancier.
Thanks again,
Wow! Better than I expected! Walt, you are an artist! -
my old 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk is wearing his
Elkhorn grips with pride! You are a top-notch
craftsman!       --Shovelhead
except in pictures. I was stunned at how good the grips look. So much depth
and color. Now...if I could just get my Vaquero back from Ruger...
Thanks again and keep up the great work.
John "Santee" Scott
Southwest Legends Gunfighters

Grips arrived yesterday. They are beautiful!! I am very
pleased with them.
I'll be giving some thought as to what I want on the rosewood
grips. I'd like something unique for them as well.
I will take a few pics of them outside as soon as the weather
clears up here and send them to you.
Many thanks.

Bernie 'Orleans Outlaw'
Just got the grips today .... WOW they look great!!!   Just
what I expected.    I planned on using JB Qwick to adhere
the elk to the middle piece of wood unless you have a
better suggestion.  Now the big question is ... which gun
do I order grips for next???
Thanks a lot,                                          
Jay Slobodzian aka ALLEGHENY SASS#34486
Walt----Got the grips today, Friday.  I like them very  much.  
They fit really good.  I was worried about
that.   I am glad we got them.  Thanks - JOHN
thanks!                           L. MacAllister
Walt--just wanted to tell you that the grips
arived last Tuesday, and
they're beautiful.  I have some more work
to be done to my Dragoon, an
action job, better case-hardening, etc.  
When it's all finished, I'd like to
post some pictures on the SASS Wire and
the CAS City Forum, if you don't
mind the recognition of your work.

I'll be in touch about the Cougar inlay(s).  
Have a great day!

Walt Marston's artist's eye creates a treasure for some gun
owner in every pair of grips he makes!  World-class work, as
usual, on these Elkhorns...
breathtaking work!                              
        Landon MacAllister
Got the grips today....excellent work!

They look great and fit like a glove.  If you don't mind, I will
pass on your email to a few friends who I know would love
your work.  I will be picking up a few more revolvers in the
future so expect some more business from me.
Again, great work.
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new elk stag
stag grips! The inlay is exactly what I was looking for.This is
just  what I needed to set of my engraved pair of .45,s... I
enjoyed talking with you and will be looking forward to
bringing them into my cowboy action shooting.YEE HA! Great
feel in my hands. They were well worth the wait! Thanks for all
your help.
Take Care,,,,,,,
William Cody,  Perrysburg ohio
You did an excellent job of bonding on the new ivory to my grips. Also the
detail of the carving now is really excellent, a big difference.

Thanks for your help,
You are a true artist and craftsman.  At every step of the process of design and
construction of my grips and inlay you have exceeded my expectations.  Your
original design work is amazing, and the amount of detail retained in the final
product is astonishing.  I couldn't be happier with the final product in terms of
its appearance and the fit of the grip to my hands.  Expect plenty of business
from me in the future, and I will refer anyone seeking similar customization to
you without hesitation.  
Michael P. Tichy
For all-day carry and going through some of the more
adventurous Live Fire Outdoor Tactical Simulator courses,
my ultimate choices were the Walt Marston Fast Draw rig and
the Hacker Hi-Ride, which I designed specifically for the
class with Jim Lockwood of Legends in Leather.
Marston rig effortlessly distributed the weight of my New
Vaquero without fatigue, and the front bullet loops aided in
fast reloading.
The Hacker Hi-Ride has a deeply scalloped
front which aids in fast presentation of the single-action
and was so unobtrusive, at one point I wore my gun into
town, forgetting I had it on (luckily, Arizona is an “open
carry” state).    This excerpt from the
American Rifleman
'Single Action Self Defense Leather'  - an article by Rick
Hello Walt,  I received the grips and I must say I am amazed by the
craftsmanship. To say I love them would be an understatement! It is
exactly what I was looking for and it's a perfect fit. I do appreciate you
sending me both sets...
The complete rig is the best I've ever seen! A friend of mine, Dave, is
going to be ordering from you soon... He fell in love with the quality of my
phone: 423 743 3580              

Marston Gunleather
Walt Marston
106 Wilson Road
Erwin, TN 37650

The new rig came today and she looks great.  The
workmanship is outstanding and the fit is perfect.

I've started the process of breaking her in.  I expect to be
pulling like a champ in a couple of days.

If anyone asks me about a rig, I'll be sending them to you.

Thanks again for everything.

Some examples of 'mini-guns' made by Walt Marston
Commissioned work, these guns were added to the shadow
box of another artist's paintings of the old west.
Hey Walt! Sorry I didn't get back to ya sooner.. I got the grips and of course they are
amazing.. You were right, that's a gorgeous piece of walnut! The inlay process looks
the best of your work! I think the next thing I'll be looking for is 1911 grips with a Take
Incidentally, I'm learning gun spinning and having a lot of fun. I think this
means I may have to order another new belt with a left and a right.
finally say I'm done buying 1911 grips! That is of course unless I buy
another 1911.. I keep trying, but you just can't seem to disappoint
me. Four sets of custom inlayed grips and a whole cow's worth of
peckers! You are definitely the man and definitely the best in the
biz.. The only question I have now is: "what shall I have Walt make
me next???". Thanks for all the great work and when I answer my
question I'll surely send you an email!
Cheers pard!